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The brand's latest in-house automatic mechanism is used to create the best ladies' watch of the year. It's beautifully finished and can be seen from behind. The caliber has 226 components and a custom-made rotor in a flower shape with five petals. Patek Philippe Replica Watches's Off-Centered hour costs about $32,000.

Christopher Claret Margo – The Ladies High-Mech PrizeThis years edition of the GPHG Show also included the award for the best piece by a lady with a slightly more complex build. Christophe Claret is the most successful high-mechanics watch maker of the year. This timekeeper has a poetic and original complication. The watch face features a flower that has several petals. This is used to mimic the French version He loves me,replica watches He loves me not. This version also includes a "calculation" that shows different levels of love potential, from "not at at all" to'madly'. It is inscribed below the central floral motif.

The answer is revealed when the wearer activates a mechanism on the watch. A random number of petals will disappear from the flower. The tension is increased by the striking mechanism that sounds each time a petal is removed. On the back, one of six precious gemstones fitted to the rotor on the automatic movement represents the feeling associated with the result on the front. It is an expensive watch, costing around $289,000.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches Central 2nd - Men's Watch PrizeThe jury at the GPHG 2014 chose the Patek Philippe Replica Watches Central 2nd timekeeper as best gentleman's watches of the year. The model was praised for its detent escapement, which is an extremely rare feature in wristwatches. In the past, marine chronometers used a detent escapement. It is one of the most accurate types of balance wheel escapements.replica breitling watches It was not used in wristwatches until recently due to its difficult construction and maintenance. Patek Philippe Replica Watches launched the first wristwatch ever with detent escapement in 2011.

The watch of this year is more complicated than the one that was introduced three years ago, as it also has a centrally located second hand. The design of this type is more complex than a timepiece with a small seconds counter. Urban Jurgensen and Sonner's new model is designed to look like vintage chronometers of the brand's founding period. The central second hand moves every 1/32nd of a second. The best men's watches of the year have an extra indicator that shows its power reserve of three days. The watch is made of red gold and costs around $51,000.